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Exploring Holistic Healing via Wellness Tourism in India

Beyond Borders With a growing emphasis on preventative health and a rising demand for traditional modalities, wellness tourism is gaining immense popularity worldwide. Capitalising on its rich heritage of healing arts, India has firmly established itself as a premier wellness destination catering to domestic and international visitors seeking rest, rejuvenation and personal growth. Boasting ancient wellness practices such as Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, naturopathy and more, India possesses a uniquely powerful draw for those pursuing holistic revitalization of body, mind and spirit. As global awareness of integrative modalities expands, more travellers intentionally integrate wellness activities. Many arrive in India expressly to immerse themselves in week-long yoga intensives, Ayurvedic panchakarma retreats or health-oriented vacations emphasising spiritual balance, nutrition and sustainable living. Recognizing this burgeoning intersection of tourism and wellness, India has taken purposeful steps to develop its wellness infrastructure and market demarcation further. The government devised a National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board and has cooperated with the Quality Council of India to pioneer an accreditation system for Ayurvedic hospitals, yoga centres and allied establishments through NABH. Such formal oversight has increased international traveller confidence while laying the foundation to propel India as Asia’s fastest-growing wellness tourism destination. With a projected market value of nearly $9 billion by 2020, the wellness tourism industry presents an immense opportunity for regional development and employment generation. As more global explorers discover what health-conscious staycationers already know, India stands ready to welcome all seeking reconnection of body and spirit in the birthplace of well-lived wellness.

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