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Dr Anil Bankar

Ph.D. Medical Tourism Assistant Professor, Gulf Medical University, UAE
The state holds 89 pc potential for posing as a brand for medical tourism with 78 pc of international buyers visiting the state from abroad,Training of qualified medical tourism individuals will help in improving the business as well as develop a brand image of medical tourism in the state.

Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar

Ex. Cabinet Minister Department of Labour, Earthquake Rehabilitation, Skill Development, Ex-servicemen Welfare, Government of Maharashtra
Connectivity comes with infrastructure and the state has developed state of the art health care facilities, well-trained medical work force and low cost health care delivery with the plan to create a web-platform to provide various services and facilities to global patients. The state government is planning to announce a medical policy to boost health tourism.

Dr. Sanjay Mody

CEO Healthcare Concierge Consulting Ltd
Patients on the lookout for three essentials – confidence, standards and continuity of care.The warmth of the place and the people, the infrastructure and Indian hospitality is unlike any other place. The immense scope that is in store not just for the second generation of diaspora of Indians coming to India for medical tourism or treatment, but also for the British population.

Pramod Goel

CEO & Founder of Placidway
The main pointer to be focusing on is to amalgamate ethics, laws and processes to raise organized industries and to implement a thinking that differs from the thinking of others to enlarge the medical tourism industry in Maharashtra.

Vijay Kumar Gautam

President, Principal
It is needless to emphasize that given the background of absolute professional human resource and world class medical infrastructure available in the state of Maharashtra, in line with Maharashtra Tourism Policy 2016 we are gearing up to create a very conducive ecosystem for promoting medical and wellness tourism in Maharashtra and while the government is trying to support and facilitate this, MHWTC 2018 has laid the foundation and brought the synergy of all stakeholders on a common platform to promote wellness and medical tourism in Maharashtra.

Dr. Ramakant Panda

Business Head
Every year 50,000 patients come to Maharashtra for treatment due to the excellence the state has obtained in various sectors such as hygiene, healthcare facilities, post operational care and medicine. The state has constantly endeavored to work for and improve patient safety and quality of healthcare in the community by offering education, publications, advisory services and cost effective healthcare. Alongside the clinical successes, Maharashtra has laid its focus on the acquirement of visas for international patients to facilitate an easy migration for the ones travelling from afar.